St. Leonard’s Church ~ Horsham


St. Leonard’s Church Horsham is a small community oriented church in Horsham, West Sussex, England. Horsham is a market town that has been known for horse trading, iron and brick making, and brewing. St. Leonard’s church provides the town with a place for diverse audiences to worship.

The church welcomes visitors, guests, and new members in an inviting and encouraging manner reflecting that of Jesus. While it is currently a “small” church, the church leaders are seeking growth by helping locally and elsewhere.

Church leadership consists of two community members, one being a vicar and the other a wise elder with a history in theological learning and teaching. The leaders think it important to understand the history of St. Leonard, whose name is also used for roads, forests, and pubs throughout Horsham.

St. Leonard was a hermit who lived in the 9th century. Despite his popularity in the Middle Ages, not much is known about the man. There is common folk tale that he battled and eventually killed a dragon. Legend has it that the battle took place in a forest and whenever the Saint’s blood was spilled, lilies grew. This forest was later named “St. Leonard’s Forest”.

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